HL 违者必究微互动录音

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Evening. I so very careful about this and I started at the most logical place to start.Any pop music from the last 15 years, your most likely have come into contact with the beatles. Or listen to some one great Lee influence by them. The beatles were incredible important in define and later understanding, the spirit of western culture in the 1960. One of pop group\\\’s almost copy cat pop groups. The evidence suggests the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or even more, young musician across Britain and America formed benz, after they were exposed to the beatles, say once the beatles became popular. Used active in the music world, which means music which sounds like the beatles. So if a new pop group make some or album of music journalist with some times describe that song of the album as all it\\\’s very big to ask. Meaning it sounds very much like the beatles, famous as he often said the beach. Change the way the band use the recording studio to make music. The beatles recording technology develop during the 1960 and in some cases influence the way popular music has been recorded ever since. The effects achieve the recording include quite technical things are things like something and artificial.Double track. I don\\\’t actually know what that is and the laboratory of multi track record ING machines. They also used classical instruments on the recording is on lots of guitar feed back. They were probably the first band to seriously experiment in the recording studio and I described is having the attic.It just try it. If it sounds bad, we won\\\’t use it. But it might sound great. So let\\\’s just try it. So reason to the beatles were probably the first and too seriously. Experiment in the recording studio. OK reason three. They were one of the first. Fans to treat an album as a work of art in its own right instead of just the collection of single. Now before the beatles came along, album were just a throw away concept, recorded in a couple of days to ride on the success of the popular single. So if the band had a single.There and spending weeks creating an original album not hit single zh, creating an original album that you considered a work of art was something that we can directly a trib ute to the beatles. They were the first time to do this. So reason number four, before the beatles there. Need the big world tour as we know them today. The beatles were actually the first band to go on the world tour. The beatles for the first entertainment act to stage a large stadium concert at the stadium in New York. In 1960. 胖。

The punk Rock movement of the 1970 in Britain and that will be my next episode I think.